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What is WhatsApp e-commerce?

WhatsApp for e-commerce is used as a messaging platform, for conducting business communications & commerce, such as buying & selling products or services via WhatsApp. This can involve using a WhatsApp Business platform to communicate with customers, make sales, and potentially integrate WhatsApp with other e-commerce tools and payment gateways to streamline the shopping experience for your customers.

In the context of e-commerce, the WhatsApp Business API can be used to send order confirmations, shipping updates, and other customer service messages, as well as provide a convenient channel for customers to ask questions or initiate a purchase. By using the WhatsApp Business API for e-commerce, brands can improve the sales, marketing and support of their businesses. Earlier, growing e-commerce businesses faced many challenges in setting up their e-commerce store on WhatsApp. However, the WhatsApp Business API solution for e-commerce has made the job way easier.


What are the challenges faced by ecommerce business stores? 


With the expanding e-commerce industry, there is an increase in competition among online businesses too, making it harder for new D2C brands to stand out and attract customers.


As a growing e-commerce brand, one of the biggest challenges is to scale and expand your business to a wider audience and amplify conversions. A powerful WhatsApp Business solution helps you scale your business via WhatsApp by reaching out to 1000s of opt-in customers in 1 click.

Payment security:

Ensuring the security of customer payment information is a major concern for e-commerce businesses today. As data breaches can result in loss of customer trust and legal consequences, WhatsApp for e-commerce enables an end-to-end secure and encrypted payment processing for your customers, without having to worry about any kind of data compromise.

Customer acquisition and retention:

Attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones can be a challenge for e-commerce businesses, as there are many options for consumers on websites, social media and other platforms. However, engaging your customers over WhatsApp can certainly make a difference.

Marketing and advertising:

E-commerce businesses must effectively market and advertise their products to reach their target audience. In today’s competition, it is a tough terrain for brands to implement the perfect marketing and ad strategy to scale their business growth.

Customer Support:

One of the most common business challenges for e-commerce brands is to deliver a top-notch customer experience to their customers. Right from product recommendation to post-purchase support, e-commerce businesses struggle a lot in guiding their customers through the complete buying journey.  And that’s where, WhatsApp e-commerce solutions come into picture, that helps businesses sell while they chat with their customers.

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