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The global fashion industry holds a market value of more than $759.5 billion and is increasing. WhatsApp marketing helps you cut through the competitive noise and reach customers faster. With more competition, the cost of acquiring customers through social media, search and email marketing is increasing. WhatsApp enables instantaneous conversations, leading to a 98% open rate and a 45% click through rate on messages on average.

Get Your Deals And Discounts Noticed With WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

Use WhatsApp broadcast messages to promote your ongoing or upcoming deals, discounts and sales noticed.

WhatsApp sees a 98% open rate on messages, increasing the chances of conversion on your promotional campaigns.

Recover Upto 47% Of Abandoned Carts With WhatsApp Marketing

Fashion retailers see an average of 68.3% cart abandonment rate.

With you can set up automated abandoned cart reminders on WhatsApp, follow up with social proof, exclusive and time-sensitive deals, and convert these abandoners into successful sales.

Send Proactive Updates With Transactional Messages On WhatsApp

Don’t keep your fashion enthusiastic customers in the dark after an order is placed!

Keep them engaged and excited with transactional messages like order confirmation and proactive order updates.

Reduce NDRs With Order Confirmation On WhatsApp

Stop incurring reverse logistics on orders that don’t get delivered.

Use WhatsApp marketing to send out order confirmation messages, followed up with address confirmation before you ship out orders.

Convert COD To Prepaid To Reduce RTO

Cash on delivery orders tend to see more than 40% returns and tend to get declined on delivery. enables you to convert COD orders to prepaid with smart WhatsApp marketing automation that entices the buyer to prepay by offering exclusive discounts, express shipping and similar.

Upsell And Cross-Sell With Shopify WhatsApp Marketing

Use WhatsApp marketing automations to upsell and cross-sell to customers based on their previous interaction or purchases.

Leverage WhatsApp chatbots to send product recommendations, similar deals and more.

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Engaging Chatbots
  • Seamless Deals Promotion

Request Feedback, Product Reviews And Ratings With WhatsApp Automation

More than 90% of fashion consumers are influenced by positive feedback and product reviews. lets you use WhatsApp marketing automation to engage customers post-purchase, and request reviews in a timely manner.

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Elevate Your Business with TxxT by Generating High-Intent Leads
Guide customers at every stage of their buying journey with TxxT's robust notification engine. Seamlessly inform customers about their orders through automated shipping and delivery updates. Monitor and analyze campaign effectiveness to discern successful strategies and areas for improvement.
Boost Sales and Enhance Conversions through WhatsApp
Drive Conversions Seamlessly with TxxT Conversations
Guide nurtured leads through the sales funnel for increased conversions via WhatsApp. Tailor upsell and cross-sell offers to individual preferences derived from past interactions. Facilitate seamless payments on WhatsApp through integrated, frictionless payment solutions.
Deliver widespread support efficiently via WhatsApp
Ensure continuous customer assistance around the clock using TxxT at scale
Establish brand credibility by unifying business communication under one number across teams. Elevate customer experience with personalized auto-replies for high-volume conversations. Track and optimize agent response and resolution times to stay proactive and in control.